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Early Morning Manhattan David Farren Art5 Gallery

Our featured artist of the month is David Farren.

We are pleased to announce a new artist has joined the gallery, acclaimed artist David Farren!

Since becoming a professional artist in 2000, David has quickly gained a reputation as a modern-day impressionist.

He utilises open brushwork and uses colour to represent the energy and movement of the landscapes around him. His work is a snapshot of everyday life, whether an English pastoral landscape or an urban cityscape.

He is fascinated by the changing light within a scene and how it determines the mood of a place at a particular time – be it a busy New York street or a quiet corner of the Lake District. David’s use of oils and acrylic gives a striking effect, with the play of light creating an active and energetic ambience, focusing on the people amongst the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

David has exhibited his work across the UK with great success, and his work is part of collections both at home and abroad. We are delighted to exhibit his atmospheric pieces on our walls! Pop in to the gallery in sunny Brighton see his work for yourself!