David Wheeler

David Wheeler was born in Notting Hill, London, in 1952. He studied design at Paddington College where he graduated to become a freelance graphic designer. Here he mastered his draughtsman skills and began his current passion for oil painting and contemporary figurative art.

David’s inspirations began with the moors and farmlands of Devon, Cornwall and the uplands of Tuscany and Provence. He is inspired by the spirit and mood of locations and is influenced by Impressionists and Scottish Colourists. In recent years David’s work has featured vibrant colours and textures through the use of oils, giving each painting its own originality.

His current style has concentrated on urban city living and he is well known for his London cityscapes and figurative art, particularly bird’s eye views of swarming masses of people. He is inspired by the energy and unique identity of cities, depicting crowds of people and their urban lifestyle as vital and buzzing economic hubs.

In the last ten years, he has become a highly sought-after artist with his signature style, and has exhibited all over Europe, the USA and most recently Asia.

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