Deborah Flueler-Jones

Deborah Flueler-Jones was born in England and moved to Switzerland at the age of 17, which became home to her for thirty years. From the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, to the tranquillity of the East Anglian countryside, her resin-based mixed media abstract painting is inspired by the colours, textures and lines in everyday life.

She embraces the freedom paint allows her to have by using a variety of techniques and materials, including dripping, pouring and scraping pearlescent and iridescent paint, gold leaf and glitter.

This freedom of expression gives Deborah a sense of happiness which she says flows through every brush stroke and mark she makes. Concepts for her paintings often begin when she is inspired by somewhere special and she starts to compose the colours in her mind before getting back to her studio. Working flat on the table she has to constantly move around the canvas, using this energy to explore the evolving abstract elements of each piece.

Deborah now lives in the East Anglian countryside where she continues to paint and practice holistic therapies.

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