Katie & Simon Griffiths

Katie Griffiths is a mixed-media artist, working in collaboration with her husband Simon, a stencil artist, to create imaginative and dreamy works on canvas and hand-embellished prints.

They’re passionate about creating beautiful images that capture personal stories. Working with clients ideas, they add a special ‘Katwish’ flair to make utterly original artworks. Katie uses bold colours, pattern and 3D fabrics, with Simon’s stencil and spray-paint work creating a unique blend of oil paint and fibre art to make striking yet tactile images.

Katie has a lifetime’s career in the arts. As co – founder of the puppet company, “Wishworks”, Katie made puppets and sets, touring shows and running workshops for children in puppet making and storytelling. She also constructed giant costumes and sculptures for processions, and made props for window displays and theatre. She also worked in community art; initiating, coordinating and inspiring community events.