Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer was born in Henley and after living in Dublin, London and Hong Kong, now resides in Windsor with his two children. After a career in media, at age 40 he decided to change careers and pursue his passion for painting, with his main influences being Degas, Rodin and Klimt.

Patrick’s work is highly sought-after, having been on show at the Discerning Eye Competition and has been featured in 2 books – ‘Images of Women in Art’ and ‘Musings of Miss Yellow’. He has also been included in ’10 of The Best Contemporary Portrait Artists’ by One Fine Bid.

Whilst an element of realism is important, I try to move beyond artistic convention and avoid an image that is too predictable. Realism is not enough – what you take away and add to what you see are what transform a picture into art. – Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer is a modern master of figurative art. His post-romantic nudes are not only exquisitely painted, but also dreamy, delicate and suggestive. They only hint at sensuality and evoke fantasy in the subtle and elegant manner that distinguishes art from pornography. – Claudia Moscovici, Co-founder of and art critic.