Pawel Krol

Pawel Krol is a multimedia artist based in London. Originally from Pilzno in Poland, Pawel studied at the Institute of Art at the Pedagogical University Cracow, where he experimented with contemporary figurative art using many techniques, ranging from oils, inks and acrylics to digital illustrations.

Pawel has exhibited across the world, most notably in London, the US and Poland. His exciting collage works, a mixture of hand-drawn and digital art, fuse surrealism and vintage iconography, creating intriguing and vibrant images. Pop icons and famous landmarks are reimagined through Pawel’s artistic vision in bold new colours, with abstract figures bringing a sense of whimsy to his work.

His work is produced in special limited edition runs of 10 or 20, with Brighton-based pieces exclusive to ART5 Gallery.

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