Philippe Aird


Philippe has been with ART5 Gallery since 2006 and his wonderful work has delighted many customers over the years. As a child he was taught by L.S Lowry, a family friend, and shown various drawing and painting techniques by Harold Riley, enrolling at Salford’s College of Art at age 16. His inventiveness and unstoppable energy won him a scholarship to the Chelsea College of Art & Design, where he was able to experiment with a number of different media, going on to win the Timeout sponsored International Video Festival in 1982.

Working intuitively, but with the most solid foundations, Philippe strived to reflect the natural forces at work in nature, and his work was often inspired by macro and microscopic images taken from human biology and the birth of stars in distant galaxies. He was also influenced by the ever renewing landscapes of Manchester and Salford, opening his own gallery and studio space, the Phoenix Gallery in Manchester, after a fruitful stint as a Fine Art lecturer at Salford University. An established artist with a successful career spanning several decades, Philippe’s work is in collections across the world, bringing his flair for colour and composition to his signature medium, best described as ‘liquid glass’.

Philippe passed away in 2015. His great contribution to the arts will live on but he will be sorely missed.

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