Rachel Mortimer

Rachel is a successful artist living and working in Brighton. Largely self-taught, Rachel spent time studying the art of the figure at life drawing classes, developing her unique style through close observation of the human form.

Working predominantly in oils, Rachel exploits the natural liquidity and materiality of the paint, presenting the female body as fluid, free and uncontrollable. Her figurative life-studies capture the feeling and the mood of the model, preferring to create a sense of anonymity in the characters, capturing the essence through form and relying on suggestion and ambiguity. Rachel’s inspiration comes from the creative process; the more works produced, the more ideas arise, including exploring new materials and techniques.

‘I am continually fascinated by the complexities and challenges the human figure provides. For me, the value of depicting the body lies not only in its technical hurdles, but also in the personal significance of representing such a private and yet universally familiar form. I aim to translate emotion through the human form – a glance, a pose, an interaction’.