Tina Davies

Tina has trained as a potter in the Lake District, England and then Antigua in the Caribbean. She continued her studies for two years in Art and Design back in England and finally completed a Ceramics degree in Cardiff, Wales.

During her degree Tina’s interests became directed towards nature where she painted the human figure and floral subjects onto clay. Exploring figurative art inspired her to experiment with painting with her hands. She then developed this method into her own unique style of contemporary floral painting.

Subsequently, Tina helped to create and run an art gallery for four years in Brighton, England, where she curated exhibitions for the Applied Arts.

In 2001, Tina resumed painting and working with clay. Her love of nature surrounds her and she has found a way to express life through her work.

“The core of my work comes from freedom. I am inspired by the synergy of nature, the play of energies in the process of creation. I work from the heart wishing to achieve ‘no mind’. I am passionate to create and often move around diverse materials, oils, ink, clay, etc. therefore forming no patterns, no rules. I paint with my hands creating a closer relationship to the subject and medium allowing myself to flow with the experience of the process itself.”

Tina has is a successful international artist, with work in many exhibitions, including solo shows, paintings in collections worldwide.

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