Vivian Borsani

Vivian Borsani was born in Brazil in 1965 and spent her childhood in Brazil, Germany and France, holidaying at her grandparent’s home in Mallorca in the summer. By the time she was a teenager she was completely captivated by the light and colours of Mallorca, a strong inspiration still found in her work today.

Vivian studied at Ecole Penninghen and the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs, Paris and completed a three month internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice. She continued her studies with Yannis Kounellis at the Visual Art School in New York.

Vivian paints to bring balance into her life. Painting helps her to step out of the mundane of everyday routine and reflect on life. The predominance of reds and pinks in her paintings represent a vital life force energy for the artist. She uses acrylic paints, wax crayons, pigments, charcoal, gold leaf and mixed media paper. Most of her paintings include a few lines of poetry written in reverse. She is inspired by artists like Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keefe, Gabriele Muenter and Barbara Rae.

Vivian has exhibited widely in Europe and has work in collections all over the world, most notably in the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain.