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Raffle Winners Art5 Gallery Deborah Flueeler-Jones

All of our raffle prizes from our 10th anniversary event ten for 10 have been collected, and are now hanging on walls across the country!

Here is what some of our winners had to say about their new pieces:

‘I can’t believe I won Deborah’s painting…especially as I never win anything and I couldn’t be happier! I have put it in our hallway so everyone can see it when they come into the house! Thank you Art at Five and Paola, and also Deborah for donating it. It has found a good home!’ Zoe Linden

‘Thank you so much for my beautiful painting which arrived today. I unpacked it in the office (no easy feat!) and showed everyone. It is so cheerful!’ Mandie Davies

‘Beach Side II arrived safely today. We are delighted with it. It looks even better up close than in the photos. We couldn’t wait to hang it – it now has pride of place in our living room. Thanks to you all and thanks to Lisa!’Patrick Warburton

‘You won’t believe how pleased I am – it has made my week….probably month…maybe even year!’Robert Oddy

‘Thank you for the painting I won in the charity raffle. I have always wanted to own a piece of art work but have never had the option.’L. Gale

We are so pleased that everyone loves their new artworks, and here are a couple of the pieces in their new homes!

'Beach Side II' by Lisa Ridgers Courtesy of Patrick Warburton

‘Beach Side II’ by Lisa Ridgers
Courtesy of Patrick Warburton

'A Deeper Flow' by Deborah Flueeler-Jones Courtesy of Zoe Linden

‘A Deeper Flow’ by Deborah Flueeler-Jones
Courtesy of Zoe Linden