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art5 gallery press news

Art5 Gallery present ‘Between Seasons’, an exhibition showcasing the work of three accomplished artists, reflecting on the tranquility and enchantment to be found in natural spaces.

The three artists’ contrasting yet equally engaging, responses to the lanscape make for an inspiring collection of work. Far more than a simple moment caught within the landscape, Daniel Ablitt’s paintings capture a mood and reminiscence, his delicate use of colour effortlessly producing a daydream quality. Winner of the T.N Lawrence Fine Art Prize, Daniel lives in Somerset and has work in both public and provate collections throughout the UK and abroad. Iaysha Salih’s work is a journey beyond the visual; it is a profound and nourishing experience for the senses. She aims to translate smells, sounds and innermost feelings into her art to be later relived by the viewer. Iaysha is a Reiki Master and this lends itself as a powerful partner to her work. Acclaimed artist Yvonne Coomber’s sparkling floarals explode with a technicolour palette. Inspired by the untamed countryside that nestles up to her Devon studio, her work presents the beautiful chaos of nature. Enhanced by glitter and gold leaf, her paitnings play in the light with a wild innocence. “Through this exhibition we are very proud to introduce two new artists to the gallery, Iaysha Salih and Daniel Ablitt, as well as featuring gallery favourite Yvonne Coomber.”

Gallery owner Paola Calise comments: “This exhibition is a celebration of the intrinsic connection between art and nature. The transitional period between seasons, and its subtle transformations are interpreted and expressed onto canvas by these three very talented artists.”