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art5 gallery press news

Art5 Gallery is pleased to present ‘Wonderment’, an exhibition showcasing the work of three accomplished artists: Marie Mills, Deborah Flueler-Jones and Yvonne Coomber. Running from the 27th April to 12th May, the exhibition celebrates spring with an enchanting collection of floral landscapes and contemporary abstracts that capture the beauty and transience of the awakening season.

Marie Mill’s paintings are a celebration of the overlooked beauty found in the wild hedgerows that frame the British landscape. Inspired by her passion for life and nature’s jewels, she works with oils and oil bar which offer her the versatility and depth of colour that she envisages for the canvas. Using a combination of palette knives and her fingers she works rapidly, forming vivid textures to depict the imprecise beauty of the wilderness. An early riser, Marie often paints at first light, enjoying the peace and solitude of the hazy dawn.

The fluidity of Deborah Flueler-Jones’ work mimics the unpredictable, often fleeting moments that can be observed in the natural world. Each swirling brushstroke expresses her part envisaged, part impulsive reaction to the sights, sounds and situations that surround her. Whether energetic and zestful, or serene and delicate, Deborah’s colour tapestries gracefully portray the energy and spontaneity of the season.

Yvonne Coomber’s whimsical florals encapsulate a poetry of colour, texture and sparkle that beautifully depict the flush of the blossoming season. Yvonne prefers to paint in the meadows where she can draw inspiration directly from the Devon countryside. Working with a combination of oils and mixed media, Yvonne is able to develop layers of texture which give her work incredible depth, drawing the viewer into her colour-filled world. Her unique, semi-abstract style brings a jovial innocence to the chaotic treasures of nature.